Social Distance In Comfort & Style With McQ Streetwear By Alexander McQueen

Updated: May 14


From couture and fine craftsmanship to the rebellious and urban aesthetic of youth today, Alexander McQueen does it all. He has found success in both the world of high fashion avant garde as well as the world of modern streetwear. Born in London 1969, his line is influenced by his exposure of the rebel subculture abundant in London's past and present. His clothing has been and continues to be iconic in the fashion world because of the flawless blend between the technicality of the composition of clothing as well as the innovation that continually shocks the runways. McQueen learnt his signature style of razor sharp tailoring from working with Angels and Bermans, who were theatrical costumiers. His collections have constantly perfectly balanced on the edge of romanticism and modernity. Melding the traditional world of designer fashion with the modern world of youth, his collections exuding elegance and delicacy all the while manifesting power and resistance. There's no doubt of Alexander McQueen's success in the fashion world throughout the years, being named British Designer of the year for four separate years, International Designer of the year in 2003, and GQ Menswear Designer of the year in 2007, just to name a few. His ability to use his tailoring skills in order to define and fortify the hyper feminine features while simultaneously using his skill of drapery and pin-tucking to bring back elegance and sophistication to his designs made him stand out from the crowd.


At the end of 2005, Alexander McQueen launched his second designer line, as a streetwear ready-to-wear collection for men and women, catering to modern days youth with it's rebellious characteristics that are prevalent in all of McQueen's designs. Originally, when the line launched, it was a primarily denim collection, but since then it has evolved into fashion forward clothing for the urbanized younger demographic. McQ's diverse and innovative, casual yet chic aesthetic is the perfect encompassment of streetwear culture, giving you the space to express yourself, stepping out of the mainstream and creating your own style. McQueen's second line is flawlessly intertwined with his mainline and you can recognize his signature style within both. With McQ, he carried over his renowned couture styling of the exaggeration of the feminine silhouette with pieces such as blazers with sharp and boxy designs, denim shirt dresses, and effortlessly draped blouses, while also creating a juxtaposition between both lines. McQ's streetwear influence creates a sense of belonging within the younger community, and exclusive enough to give you a form of insider knowledge.


Everyone wants to be apart of something, and though types of fashion are like an extension of your personality and show the world who you are as an individual, it also gives you a place in the world with a group of likeminded people. Graphics, logos, and symbolism is especially important in this street style fashion, because it speaks an unspoken language between one another. In the 1990s, streetwear gained popularity not just as casual fashion, but as a type of subculture for the younger generation to break out of the societal norms and create their own fashion. Influenced by elements of loungewear, activewear, punk and Japanese street fashion, this style has become a contrast between thrifty do-it-yourself items and high quality haute couture statement pieces. What attracts so many to this style is the push away from the mass production of mainstream "mall" fashion, and this push has resulted in many brands altering what they produce to suit what is dictated by the consumer. As print and magazine media become less and less popular amongst youth, and social media on the rise, it's only natural that the younger generations have more capacity to find likeminded people and create their own style rather than have traditional authorities dictate what is in and what is out. Streetwear is like an ocean that flows with the people, constantly changing to the influences of pop culture and it's subcultures, and never having any direction that it must follow. That appeal to the freedom that streetwear brings is why many designers, just like Alexander McQueen, flourish. It invites creativity and innovation, just as the McQueen collections have done over and over again. Every line he has produced encourages you to break the rules and make your own just as he's done with his out of the box designs.

Here at Designer Fashion Outlet Vancouver, we see the importance of the individual, especially in quarantine. Now more than ever is a chance to explore your own sense of fashion without being concerned about the judgement of society. You have the freedom to express yourself and play with all different types of clothes, shoes, accessories, and creating an outfit perfect for you. With Alexander McQueen's McQ line, the possibilities are endless. A statement yet casual enough to be dressed down or dressed up exactly to your preference. The epitome of stylish casual streetwear, McQ's 'Swallow' collection was inspired by one of McQueen's shows in '95 releasing his collection called 'The Birds,' inspired by 1963 film by Hitchcock, The Birds. These open to interpretation bird-skull velvet detailed designs on McQ's iconic collection create a duality that the consumer can depict for themselves. Fashion is a language, and we knew our customers needed a wide selection of streetwear to pick from, including McQ, so that you could let the clothes be an extension of yourself and your individual style. Dress up your at home outfit with McQ's iconic 'Swallow' t-shirt and an oversized blazer for your morning Zoom meetings and make a statement with their bird-skull shaped velvet detailing. Or better yet, take a sunset stroll to clear your hear and get some fresh air while still staying cozy and stylish with a high quality 'Swallow' pull over crewneck. Unfortunately, as with all past season styles, the McQ 'Swallow' line is not the easiest collection to find, but luckily for you, you can find and shop a wide range of McQ by Alexander McQueen on our website. A designer like Alexander McQueen is hard to come by, and we would like to pay our respects to the late Alexander McQueen and forever thank him for the beauty, elegance, and strength his clothing inspires and the innovation he has brought into this world.

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